Thursday, April 30, 2009

Think R.I.C.H. Tees go on sale tonight at midnight!

We will be up all night tonight! The owner of the brand, Danita Davis, will be online tonight hopefully, via YouTube! We ain't askin much! Just 15 bucks! LOL. The shirts are worth it, but to help the inner city youth? I'd just donate $15 off of that! Half, yes, 50% of each sale is going into inner city youth programs across America. Davis has already linked up with several organizations.(2 in her hometown, Cleveland, Ohio, 1 in east Oakland, California and 1 in Brooklyn, New York). This doesn't end at midnight. We will be going hard with the campaign for 4 months! Maybe longer! We're reaching out to blogs, radio and television shows and magazines for this. Please play a part in a big-time event. Shirts will be available for order here, several blogs( for sure), and For more information on the shirts, please email us!