Monday, January 25, 2010

Wale Interview w/ 25 Mag

After the Hands For Haiti benefit concert, 25 Mag caught up with Wale

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Ludacris - How Low

Ludacris: How Low (Official Video) from DTP TV on Vimeo.

The appropriate leak for this video came out today.. Nice song, good looking ladies, definitely should check it out.
He also dropped a mixtape, get that here.

Wale Interview w/ The Press Play Show

Christopher Truth + Wale from Christopher Truth on Vimeo.

Even though he gives very good/interesting interviews, it seems like he practices what he's going to say beforehand nice interview regardless though.

Snoop Dogg - Tell Me What U Want

Uncle Snoop provides another smooth track, and some pretty ladies too.. Check it out.

Jae Millz, Gudda Gudda, & Tyga - Run 4 Mayor

Few members of Young Money hop on the Pac Div track and shot a quick vid.. I rock with it

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Method Man, Ghostface Killah & Raekwon - Our Dreams

Not much you can say when these three leak material (other than the fact they REALLY need some press photos for their group) Check it out below, or download here.

Styles P & DJ Green Lantern Speak on The Green Ghost Project

I'm definitely looking forward to this.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Yelawolf - Pop The Trunk

Yelawolf - Pop The Trunk from Motion Family on Vimeo.

Wow, this video has some ill visuals, and the track itself is very dope and impressive. I'll be the 1st to admit that I wasn't sold on Yelawolf because my 1st time hearing him was on the Juelz Santana video I posted a while back. But with seeing this I think it will be in our best interests to download his mixtape Trunk Muzik and catch up

SMKA The 808 Experiment

The explanation of this project goes as follows

SMKA’s The 808 Experiment is an annual compilation, produced entirely by SMKA, which showcases the immense talent and diversity that exists in hip-hop…and especially our home town of Atlanta. Though a majority of the artists are from Atlanta, this project features artists from all over the states, and abroad. The project features unknown artists, well-established artists and up-and-coming buzz artists, which makes it a truly unique compilation of music.

Artists in order of appearance…

Tanya Morgan, Fki, Hollyweerd, Aleon Craft, Proton, Outasight, Kyle Lucus, Jay West, Alexandrea Lushington, Young Scolla, Kidd Neer, Senor Kaos, Fresh Daily, Rahbi, Slimm Duddy, Brittany Street, Tom P, The Canz, Yelawolf, RE, Grip Plyaz, Stanza, Playboy Tre, Shawn Chrystopher, Mums FP, Joe Scudda, Pill, Nappy Roots

Download it here.

B.O.B - Hip-Hop Saved My Life (Freestyle)

PMS 3 Mixtape release event at Heart and Sole, Cleveland.

Sponsored by Elusion Clothing, Tezo(with our home team tee on)and his friends from PMS(Purple Monkey Sircus)celebrated the release of their mixtape this weekend at Cleveland boutique, Heart and Sole. Shout out to Tezo and his cousin Ju, who's been a long time supporter of the brand.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Just Blaze Interview w/ LTD-Mag Pt. 2

LTD Presents Conversations: Just Blaze (Episode #1, Part 2) "We REALLY made an impact with this place..." from LTD Magazine on Vimeo.

Pretty sure I posted the 1st part of this a while ago, but here's part 2 in the final days in the legendary Basline Studios.

Young Buck - No Excuses

I dropped the ball on a few recent Young Buck leaks, but not this time. Dope new track from buck. Gave a R.I.P to Teddy Pendergrass, as well as a shout out to a few southern rappers facing jail time. Listen below or Download here.

Pill ft Young Scolla - Aine Given Up

Dope, inspirational music. Pill encompasses the sound of hood struggle and motivation to get out, instead of celebration of staying in, While Scolla accompanied him very well for the most recent leak from The 808s Experiment Pt. 2 coming this Monday. Listen below, or Download here.

Freeway - Touch Down

Philly Freezer bringin you the heat this morning.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Styles P Interview w/ The Source

Styles discusses his "The Green Ghost" project coming February 2

Twista - 911 (Freestyle for Haiti)

Twista offers a very heartfelt tribute to those lost in the recent earthquake in Haiti. He also encourages people to help in anyway they can. Listen below, or download here.

SMKA The 808 Experiment : In Your Words

A few of the artists featured on the project take a moment out to tell you what they feel it is and represents. Note that many of them say it features solely Atlanta artists, which isn't true. BUT the members of SMKA were born and raised in ATL so that may be where the confusion came in.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tanya Morgan - The Make Believer (Prod. by SMKA)

SMKA is dropping a compilation album "The 808s Experiment pt. 2" Next monday and here's a dope leak from it. Listen below or download here.

J.Cole Interview With Yahoo Music

Alicia Keys Spread in GIANT magazine

Oh. My. God.
That is all.

The Devastation in Haiti....Deaths estimated to be in the Hundreds.

The earthquake that hit Haiti yesterday was a catastrophic 7.3 on the Richter Scale. Numerous buildings, including a Hospital, collapsed(unsure if people were inside of the buildings at the time). Hundreds are feared dead right now. This is horrible for a country that is rumored to live off of a 2 dollar a day income in some parts. We have to help. Wyclef Jean, a native of Haiti and platinum recording artist, is asking you to please assist in the rescue and recovery. Please text YELE to 501501 or click HERE to visit the website to donate. The text will donate $5, but we all can do better than just that. Please give what you can. Haiti needs us. I've done my part and will give more today. PLEASE SUPPORT.

Complex Magazine's 50 Hottest reality TV girls

COMPLEX MAGAZINE recently released their list of the 50 hottest reality tv stars. Nice. Here's a few noticable ladies that made the list.

50. Audrina Patridge - Star of tv show, The Hills

42. Monica "Danger" Leon - Star of the worst show ever, For the love of Ray J.

37. Brooke Crittendon - Star of the BET hit show, Harlem Heights. She looks a lot like Keri Hilson. Very nice person.

31. Lauren Conrad - Star of The Hills(love Lauren a lot!)

20. Lisa Wu Hartwell - Star of the hit show, The Real Housewives of Atlanta

9. Kourtney Kardashian - Star of Keeping up with the Kardashians. All my friends say she looks like Amerie. I don't see it.

6. Eva Pigford - America's Next Top Model

1. Aubrey O' Day - Making The comment. But overall, a good list! Shout out to Complex Magazine. Others that made the list: Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander(Flavor of Love), Chandra "Deelishis" Davis(Flavor of Love), Irulan Wilson(Real World Vegas), Carrie Underwood(American Idol).

Megan Fox in Armani S/S 2010

Congratulations to Megan Fox, who is one of the front faces for Armani's Spring/Summer 2010 Collection. Fellas(and some ladies), enjoy the photos.

Adidas Spring 2010 Conductor Hi

You Like? I dont. But most probably will. Courtesy of @highsnobiety

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Return Of Gemstones

If you don't know, Gemstones (formally known as Gemini) is/was Lupe Fiascos hypeman before deciding to go the gospel rap route. It appears that he's coming back to the scene and wants the world to know.. Let me know what you think, because I'm actually not 100% on this.

21 Questions with DJ Green Lantern

Part 1 of the interview with Producer/DJ, DJ Lantern. Brought to you by

In case you didnt see the Hoops Hype article about LeBron James

This article is dumb to me, lol, but "Ben" from The Blazers Edge felt like he wanted to write this the other day. I check Hoops Hype daily, its one of my favorite websites. When I came across this, I laughed, hysterically. Read it for yourself.

Sunday night in Portland the home crowd was treated to the annual LeBronathon. The man of the hour did not disappoint, dumping in 41 points, 10 rebounds and 8 assists in a 106-94 Cavaliers defeat of the Blazers.

LeBron James, at this point in his career and life, renders the exercise of a traditional game recap pointless. To co-opt an old Nike slogan, his better is absolutely, positvely better than your better. The most perfect physical specimen to ever play the game of basketball, a focused and motivated James is without peer.

He utterly dominated the first quarter of this game, continued to dominated the second quarter, got a little bit bored in the third quarter and then dropped the hammer in the fourth quarter. While the Blazers valiantly fought back from a 17 point second half deficit to briefly tie the game, James's shadow hung over that run. These Blazers were simply not beating James.

That James is capable of producing the statistics he does while drifting for minutes at a time feels like a mirage. Whereas watching Michael Jordan in person was like a great opera -- art -- James is more like a magic show. His speed makes himself and his opponents disappear when you blink; his power threatens like an oversized sword sawing a woman in half; his courtsense is the trick where he knows which card you're holding before you even look at it; his aura all swagger, all showman, every step choreographed and precise.

James is the single must-see attraction in the NBA. Indeed, he's can't-miss, thanks to the insane number of cameras set up to capture his every move. But as high as the collective anticipation is for James every year he delivers beyond expectations time and again. Tonight, he was bigger, faster, and stronger than every before. And I write those words every time he comes here.

His first quarter was just silly: 8 for 8 from the field for 20 points. If there was a singular skill that stood out during those 12 minutes it was his ability to finish at the rim. James redefines what "finishing at the rim" means. For James, the window of opportunity to gracefully drop in a layup or dunk seems three or four times longer than the average All Star's. He rises higher, more powerfully and with more control, effortlessly flanking the rim from side to side as he waits for the most opportune moment to release the ball. Defenders go up and come down and James hovers or motors sideways or rises higher, before he inevitably finishes without a care in the world and with either hand.

To watch James on the fast break is even more preposterous. He sees planes that no one else does, as if he is the only person wearing 3 D goggles and the only person moving in fast forward.

And yet James the player could not have been more different than James the person I saw tonight . Where everything between tip and horn is so natural, everything else is so forced, so scripted. James is now approaching nearly 10 years of superstardom yet his interactions with the media trail far behind the likes of Kobe Bryant (or Brandon Roy) when it comes to comfort, depth and feel.

After the game, James made an off-color comment to a team attendant, stuttered through basic questions searching for words that he apparently doesn't have in his arsenal, addressed the media horde wearing only a towel (compared to Bryant who wore a full suit and tie to take questions on Friday night) and resorted to cliches that seemed to bore even himself.

Why? Is he simply tired of the same routine? Does he have nothing to gain from it? Is he convinced that he understands the game in ways the average writer can't? Is he simply unable to convey thoughts that matter? I don't know.

Nearly two hours before the game I caught a glimpse of a more genuine James, and it wasn't pretty. James wore headphones as he warmed up, locked in a cocoon of his own creation, heaving shot after shot. At the time, the Rose Garden was mostly empty and courtside security was not yet in place. Four teenage boys -- mostly decked in Blazers gear-- gawked as James went through his paces, ESPN cameras tracking his every move. As he worked towards the right corner, his admirers were within reach of a man whom they probably consider a superhero.

James mechanically drained his three pointers and then paused briefly as a ballboy went to retrieve a rare miss. Sensing an opportunity, one of the group reached out to James and patted him on the butt, not unlike teammates do countless times during every NBA game. Perhaps with a little more cupping action than usual but, nevertheless, an innocent gesture. The move bordered on the bizarre because it was clear the two had no prior relationship.

James wheeled, removing both his headphones instantly, clearly flummoxed that a stranger had grasped his buttocks. Upon seeing the culprit, who eyed the player with what can only be described as awe, James looked incredulous and indignant. With no other recourse available, James stopped his shooting routine, striding defiantly towards a group of his teammates that were standing near half court. A string of profanities flew from his mouth as he relayed what had just happened to his teammates, who hadn't seen it. To a man, they were equally shocked to hear of the occurrence. James continued his chest-puffing diatribe, occasionally looking back at the group of teenagers. The young men were pretending to gaze out in a different direction, pretending to be invisible. While James's teammates assured him that the kid surely didn't mean any harm and that he was probably just wishing the player well, James continued to shake his head, failing to comprehend that someone he didn't know, someone outside his circle, someone so clearly unimportant, would have the gall to touch him. Him.

Eventually, the kids slunk away. James finally popped his headphones back in and continued his warm-up routine. He either didn't notice -- or pretended not to notice -- two young writers laughing hysterically nearby.

Such is life for LeBron James in 2010.

Untouchable on the court, in more ways than one.


States Lower Test Standards for a High School Diploma

Heard this this morning and was disturbed...story comes directly from the New York Times

A law adopting statewide high school exams for graduation took effect in Pennsylvania on Saturday, with the goal of ensuring that students leaving high school are prepared for college and the workplace. But critics say the requirement has been so watered down that it is unlikely to have major impact.

The situation in Pennsylvania mirrors what has happened in many of the 26 states that have adopted high school exit exams. As deadlines approached for schools to start making passage of the exams a requirement for graduation, and practice tests indicated that large numbers of students would fail, many states softened standards, delayed the requirement or added alternative paths to a diploma.

People who have studied the exams, which affect two-thirds of the nation’s public school students, say they often fall short of officials’ ambitious goals.

“The real pattern in states has been that the standards are lowered so much that the exams end up not benefiting students who pass them while still hurting the students who fail them,” said John Robert Warren, an expert on exit exams and a professor of sociology at the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

“The exams are just challenging enough to reduce the graduation rate,” Professor Warren added, “but not challenging enough to have measurable consequences for how much students learn or for how prepared they are for life after high school.”


Monday, January 11, 2010

Malice - Wake Up Call (Vlog)

Wake Up Call from Malice of the Clipse on Vimeo.

True and wise words spoken by Ceo Mal.

Leaders Of The New Cool Event

Elusion Clothing is one of the sponsors for the Leaders of the New Cool tour that's going on around the country. Shout out to Peter from @thegoodiebag. I know there are more tour stops coming up and we hope to be a part of each and every one.

The tour is great because it shines the spotlight on some up and coming MC's you may have heard or read about in passing, but haven't necessarily seen in person. More info coming soon on the show. Stay tuned! For more info, click HERE.

Lupe Fiasco & Friends.....getting closer to the top.

Lupe and friends are getting closer and closer.....good luck guys and stay warm! And be safe. Please.

Nike SB Blazer 2010 Varsity Red/Black/White

Quick look at these Blazers that display a clean , classic Red/Black/White colorway. The materials used on these make for a for a good combo, resulting in a very clean shoe.

Gran Tourismo 5 Gameplay

Gran Tourismo stands out as a very impressive, realistic simulation of rally car racing. This clip features the Toyota FT 86. GT5 is due out March ...... In Japan. North Americas release date will be announced at a later date, which may be a good thing, because developers have been working on GT5 since 2006, so this definitely will be a treat when we finally get it.

Sean C & LV Speak on Sampling and Leaks

one of the dopest production duo/group/team (whatever, lol) talk about something they do very well which is sampling, and also their plans for leaks in 2010

Elusion Clothing's Spring 2010 Preview

Our Spring Preview has been getting rave reviews from people all over the nation. Our preview includes co-owner, Matt Barnes from the Orlando Magic. Spring collection releases on March 18th. That's also the launch date of our new website. Check pics below.

Music Monday: Jay Electronica - Victory

Download : Jay Electronica - Victory

Sade - Soldier of Love Video

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Alicia Keys and friends concert TONIGHT!

The countdown is on for tonight's concert with Alicia Keys(@aliciakeys) and friends, including my favorite singer right now, Melanie Fiona(@melaniefiona). I can't wait. To see the concert tonight, check it out, 9pm on BILLBOARD. Also, please be sure to visit and donate to Alicia Keys' charity, Keep A Child Alive. More info on the charity HERE.

Mos Def - "History"

Gotta love Mos Def. Let me know what you guys think.

Al Sharpton/Gilbert Arenas comments from Twitter

No comment from us....

Monday, January 4, 2010