Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NBA 2K10 Preview and Kobe Bryant/Derrick Rose Interviews

With the release of NBA 2K10 coming very soon, 2K sports decided to tease us a little more with a preview and player interviews with Derrick Rose and Kobe Bryant

The Roots - How I Got Over (Official Video)

I posted the trailer for this vid a little while back and here's the final product from Hip-Hops favorite band The Roots. very dope visuals, also food for thought.

Rich Boy - Celebrity

This is a different, but hot sounding track from the Dope Boy Squad front man, Rich Boy. He mentioned in an interview that he would have Motown and 60's-70's influenced tracks on his new album sounds like a good idea. Especially if this is his 1st single. check it out below.

Curren$y and Don Cannon speak on the "Smokey Robinson" Mixtape

Dope music aside, one thing I appreciate about spitta is that he works hard. Other than this tape with cannon coming at the end of october, he'll also be releasing "The Jet Files" mixtape over at Amalgam Digital. Fab 5 set the alley-oop for this post.

Al Sharpton On Wrestling?? WTF??

I couldn't even watch this yet, but the idea of it just doesn't make sense to me, lol.. What ya think??

People You Should Know In Cleveland

Mr. Oli P

PART 2 of our interview with Mr. Oli P
Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson?
Lol next question

Is Lebron staying or going?

I think he's gonna stay. No team can offer him more money & the teams people "speculate" him going to have nowhere near as good a chance at a championship than we do. Plus I think it would be hard to walk away from the type of status he has in this city. He gotta damn Billboard in the middle of downtown, C'mon man!!!

What would you like to see/hear from local artists that would make you a fan?

Honestly just do you. Stop copying what you see on TV or what you think people wanna hear. If I wanted to hear a Lil' Wayne type record I'll pop in a Lil' Wayne CD lol. Also I wanna see that hunger again. Don't be lazy people, get out here & make yourself relevant. Make these DJ's bust down your door for your record.

Why should everyone making moves in the city know you?

Not to brag but I've built a great network of connects over the years. Anywhere I go I'm pretty much good cuz I know sumbody there. I also take pride in my work ethic & if I cant get something done I can point you in the right direction of someone who can. Most importantly is my loyalty. If I believe in something I'm giving 150% even if you're not. You need that those type of people in your corner.

Any parting words or shout outs for the people?

1st of thank you for the interview I'm truly honored to be the first. Big shouts to moms, the homie Polo Champ for the plug, my crew for holding me down 24/7 & whoever reads this interview! Your's Truly, Pizzle!

When you see Mr. Oli P around the town give him a shout or connect with him on Facebook or Twitter now... get fresh and check out NOW for exclusive and cutting edge fashion.. peace

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

People You Should Know In Cleveland

Mr. Oli P

First we want to thank you for being the first interview for our "People You Should Know In Cleveland" section.


For the people that don't know, please take a second and introduce yourself and what you are/have been involved in around the city of Cleveland?

Wow I thought everybody knew me, lol. Well the names Oli P., 29 born & raised in Cleveland. Most people will recognize me from my affiliation with the marketing company Bring It On Entertainment ran by Lenny Berry. For the past 8 yrs I was involved in lifestyle marketing/advertising for various clients including Def Jam, Interscope, J Records, Atlantic, Capitol, as well as Martell, Budweiser, Remy Martin just to name a few. I've since moved on to pursue other business ventures but I still hold close ties to the company.

What is your view on the local hip hop, entertainment and nightlife scene?
As far as local hip hop goes I would have to say it has gotten a hell of a lot better than in the past. You have a lot of artists taking more time to perfect their craft & attempt to provide the best product because it is a representation of Cleveland as a whole. The nightlife has taken a hit over the years for various reasons, but I do see a light at the end of the tunnel. The few new promoters I see making moves are doing their best to bring Cleveland clubs back to their glory days.

Who do you feel are other move makers around the city?
First & foremost I gotta say my partner Jennifer with Bring It On is really coming into her own with the company. She takes no BS & stays breaking records in the city. Eighty81 of course because they're the most recognizable promoters of Cleveland nightlife. It also helps they have Lebron in their corner, lol. The organizers of the OHHA for making a great annual event & really showcasing the talent Ohio as a whole has to offer. You also got artists like Kid Cudi, Chip Tha Ripper, Hush Money, Polo Champ that are really putting their stamp on the Hip Hop industry.

What is your view on hip hop now compared to hip hop in the late 90's early 2000's?
Honestly I think this new transition in Hip Hop is re-capturing that party hard/feel good music the late 90's had to offer except with a new younger twist. Of course I'm going to love 90's music a little bit more because that's what I grew up on, but you can't do the same thing forever. In order for Hip Hop to grow, change is needed. People always name Soulja Boy as the poster boy for killing Hip Hop but what you fail to realize is he's not making music for us. There's a new generation of kids that love him & relate to him just like we related to Jay-Z, Puffy, Wu-Tang, No-Limit, etc.

What defines your style? What makes you a trendsetter?
My style is just that.. mine lol. I never tried to be "the cool guy" or try to be something I'm not. I was never afraid to just do me & do what I wanted to do or wear what I wanted to wear. Plus me being a sneaker head helped because I always tried to rock kicks that nobody else could find. I'm the type that'll put a pair of J's on ice just so I can pull'em out 5 years from now & still get that "where you get those" looks lol..

Check back tomorrow for PART 2 of our "People You Should Know In Cleveland" interview with Mr. Oli P.. peace

Twista - American Gangster (Alternate Video)

Twista - American Gangsta/part2 from Paul John on Vimeo.


From the guitar riffs, to the visuals, to Twistas raw rapids fire delivery, this is a very dope offering from his "Category F5" Album.

We Have To Get Better As A People

This video and event is sad, disgusting, terrible and needs to stop. I engaged in fights as a teen but nothing like this. The parents of these kids should be held equally as responsible.. SAD!!!

Food For Thought- You Do The Dishes

Let me know how y'all feel after watching this...


9/29/09,East Rutherford,N.J. —- (L-R) World Middleweight Champion Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik, Youngstown,Ohio and Paul “The Punisher” Williams wear New York Giants jerseys during a press conference Tuesday at Giants Stadium,home of the NFL New York Giants. The numbers 12 and 5 signify the December 5,the date of their upcoming World Middleweight title defense. Pavlik vs Williams is promoted by Top Rank, hosted by Caesars Atlantic City in association with Goossen Tutor Promotions and will take place Saturday, December 5 at Atlantic City’s Boardwalk Hall and will be available live on HBO. —- Photo Credit : Chris Farina - Top Rank


XV - Fall Out The Sky (Official Video)

New video from XV, I really like the piano track on this and I'm 79% sure its a sample but I can't put my finger on it. This is one of the tracks from his "Everybody's Nobody" Mixtape. You can download the mixtape over on the right side of the page. spotted at Nah Right

Super Street Fighter IV teaser

This is due out in spring 2010. Hopefully it allows a fully accessible fighting stage like Tekken, or this teaser is just that.. A TEASE. Konsole Kingz gets the props for this.

Jay-Z Back When He Was On Some Real Knowledge

This video only touches on Jay-Z's roots and upbringing. I have several reliable people who have ALWAYS informed that Mr. Carter grew up in a Nubian community in Brooklyn and followed Dr. Malachi Z. York (as pictured in the video). The crazy part is Twista was also a follower and that's how they are connected. Dame Dash also was a follower, thus making it easier for him and Jay to connect initially. The name of their publishing company is Little LuLu, which is VERY important in that community of black righteous thought and ideology... In the meantime enjoy the original Originators video..

Consequence feat. Kanye West & John Legend - Whatever U Want (Official Video)

New music from the G.O.OD Music family. This track is of Consequences upcoming album entitled "Cons TV" and from the screen shot you can see that they threw some eye candy in for the fellas.

*Classic* Ghostface Apollo Kids

What up??? For my first blog post I wanted to bring attention to a personal classic to me.. Ghostface is definitely in my Top 10 emcee list of all time with this being my favorite video.. Probably cause I'm a Clark Wallabee head, with well over 20 pair and adding.. Peep the video and I'll be back soon with more news, music and insight.. Peace

Polo Champ

Monday, September 28, 2009

B.O.B "Champion"

I should have checked my e-mail this afternoon, but since I didn't I'm a tad late with this new music from Bobby Ray. This is off the NBA Live 2010 Sound Track. check it out below.

Royce Da 5'9 comfirming talks between Slaughterhouse and Shady Records

Personally, I think this is a dumb move. The last time record labels valued lyrics over sales was around 2003. Hell, the last artist under Shady Records that dropped an album who wasn't Eminem or 50 Cent was um... uh... umm NOBODY. The independent route is the best look for a group like Slaughterhouse, but I could be wrong. Stay tuned. shout out to Mtv News

Nike Dunk HI (Dotty Dunk Pack)

Nike decided to flip the script with these. Usually the "speckle" feature is used for the midsole, but this time they left the midsole solid and speckled the entire upper. these will be released through the Nike Sportswear "Athletics East" division. no word on how the release will be, but they will be released in December. I'm leaning towards the Varsity Red/Royal Blue over the Black/Electrolime joints, but the both are dope. Caught these over at Sneaker Freaker .

Royce Da 5'9 "Street Hop" album sampler

Here's the sampler for Royces album due out October, 20th. A lot of people complain about the "state" of Hip-Hop so lets see if they'll support when something like this drops. you can check out the sampler here, and see the track listing below. props to Nah Right.
EDIT: Heres a track to promote the album, its called "October 20th"

1. Gun Harmonizing (Feat. Crooked I) (Produced by Emile)
2. Count For Nothing (Produced by Streetrunner)
3. Soldier (Feat. Kid Vishis)
4. Something 2 Ride (Feat. Phonte)
5. Dinner Time (Feat. Busta Rhymes)
6. Far Away
7. The Warriors (Feat. Slaughterhouse) (Produced by Streetrunner)
8. …A Brief Intermission (Skit)
9. New Money (Produced by Streetrunner)
10. Shake This (Produced by DJ Premier)
11. Gangsta (Feat. Trick Trick)
12. Mine In Thiz
13. Street Hop 2010 (Produced by Six July)
14. Thing For Your Girlfriend (Hoe Jack) (Feat. Kay Young)
15. On The Run
16. Murder
17. Bad Boy (Feat. Jungle Rock Jr.)
18. Part Of Me (Produced by Carlos Broady)
19. Love From The Hood (Feat. Bun B & Joell Ortiz) (Produced by DJ Premier)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Raekwon - Have Mercy Ft. Beanie Sigel Official Video

Slow day, but can't complain because I came across this. The video came out very well to interpret the song. very dark, yet dope vid.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Nike Air Max LeBron VII (7) White/Navy/Red

I have officially lost count of the amount of colorways for this shoe. This is a very clean edition to the family, and I would assume these would be worn with the navy blue alternate jerseys. I will update as soon as I find out the release date.
Spotted over at sneaker files

New music from Birdman, Drake, and Lil Wayne off Birdmans upcoming album "Priceless". Birdmans verses have vastly improved over the last 3 years. Not saying anything, but it does make you say "hmmmm".

Method Man confirms upcoming album with Ghostface and Raekwon

WOW... this is a short clip, but its very big news. I just hope that everyone involved follows through and this turns out as dope as it sounds. Some production from RZA would bring me to tears. lol. stay tuned for more on this.

Nikki Minaj Honey Magazine Spread

Not much I can (or need) to really say about these pics, just enjoy. The pictures from Nikki Minajs spread in Honey Magazine were just released. very beautiful smile, body, eyes..... let me stop.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Def Jam Memories: Russell Simmons & Rick Rubin

Here's Russel & Rick reflecting on their times at Def Jam. This clip is so dope because it shows that they are both humble, not driven by hit records, and always willing to help those in need.
spotted over at Global Grind.

Omarion - I get it in Ft. Gucci Mane

New revised 1st single off his upcoming album "Ollusion" since he was replaced on Young Moneys new single, it was only right to return the favor by replacing weezy with Gucci Mane.. all around hot track, you'll probablyhear this in the club by Friday. Check it out below.

Black/Copper Nike Air Penny II (2)

The Penny II's are definitely my favorite out of them all. Its only right that they did a colorway that features the color copper, and out of the models they've previewed this may be the best. The fact that the copper is used in a subtle way really ignites the shoe. no word on the release date for these, but a betting man would say 2010 because that's when the copper Penny Foamposite I's drop. Spotted over at Sole Collector

EDIT: Turns out that these will be available September, 26th 2009 and these are a House of Hoops release (SMH). for those who aren't aware of what this means you can either get them from L.A, NYC, or Chicago. Good luck folks.

Mr. Hudson - White Lies Official Video

Mr Hudson - White Lies from MrHudson on Vimeo.

New music from G.O.O.D music member Mr. Hudson.Dope song, I can appreciate how the video wasn't cliche

Don Cannon & Konsole Kingz - Cannon 2K10 (mixtape)

We got a new mixtape from Don Cannon and the Konsole Kingz. It features Slim Thug, Mikkey Halsted, Cool Kids, Pac Div, Nipsey Hussle, Rick Ross, Curren$y and many more. Click here to download.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Playaz Circle Ft. Cee-lo - In the ghetto

This just might be the dopest song I've heard this week. The duffel bag boys enlisted the soul machine Cee-lo Green for this introspective track and it turned out very good. I've been holding off on posting Playaz circle music until there was something undeniable released by them, and this is it. This track is off their upcoming "Flight 360: The Take Off" album. Check it out below

The Roots - How I Got Over (Trailer)

The Roots "How I Got Over" (trailer) from Okayplayer on Vimeo.

Here's the trailer for the lead single from The Roots new album "How I Got Over". the album is tentatively scheduled to drop November, 17th.

Elusion Clothing Fall Line available NOW!!

Few words from Majority Owner/Creative Designer Danita Davis

We want to thank everyone for supporting Elusion Clothing. It’s been 3 years since we officially launched and I’m proud of where we are as a brand. The brand has moved into cut & sew this fall and we hope that you enjoy what we have. Please continue to support the next complete men’s brand, Elusion Clothing.

I got a peek at the look book a few days ago and I was impatiently waiting for the fall line to drop. to shop the fall line you can click here

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Drake, KanYe West, Lil Wayne, & Eminem - Forever Official Video

This video is the reason I just watched BET for 1 1/2 hours. Outside of the 1st 6 seconds.. very solid video for a hot song. This song is on the "More Than A Game" soundtrack, a Movie featuring LeBron James and his Teammates/best friends.
props to onsmash.

Nike Blazer Low ND "Winter" Pack by Maharam

I really wish these released in the summer. Very clean simple shoe, nice earth-toned colors and the patch on the back seems to set the shoe off in my opinion. I don't really do lows in the winter but these are a good look if you're going to a club with a strict shoe policy. spotted over at Nice Kicks

Triple C's feat. Birdman - Go Official Video

New music from Ricky Ross and the Triple C crew, they brought Birdman along for the ride this time. A Lot of cars and eye candy in this one hot song. This is also the same beat they dissed Floyd Mayweather with

TiRon "Throwing My Money" Official Video

Dope music from L.A emcee TiRon. This is off his mixtape "Ketchup" that you can download here

Young Jeezy x Espo & Clipse by KAWS Complex Magazine covers


The Covers of the October/November Issue of Complex Magazine took notes from your favorite clothing lines and did "artist collabs". The Young Jeezy cover (above) features a clean cut snowman, While the Clipse x KAWS cover (below) displays Pusha T and Malice as dope boy action figures