Wednesday, September 30, 2009

People You Should Know In Cleveland

Mr. Oli P

PART 2 of our interview with Mr. Oli P
Brady Quinn or Derek Anderson?
Lol next question

Is Lebron staying or going?

I think he's gonna stay. No team can offer him more money & the teams people "speculate" him going to have nowhere near as good a chance at a championship than we do. Plus I think it would be hard to walk away from the type of status he has in this city. He gotta damn Billboard in the middle of downtown, C'mon man!!!

What would you like to see/hear from local artists that would make you a fan?

Honestly just do you. Stop copying what you see on TV or what you think people wanna hear. If I wanted to hear a Lil' Wayne type record I'll pop in a Lil' Wayne CD lol. Also I wanna see that hunger again. Don't be lazy people, get out here & make yourself relevant. Make these DJ's bust down your door for your record.

Why should everyone making moves in the city know you?

Not to brag but I've built a great network of connects over the years. Anywhere I go I'm pretty much good cuz I know sumbody there. I also take pride in my work ethic & if I cant get something done I can point you in the right direction of someone who can. Most importantly is my loyalty. If I believe in something I'm giving 150% even if you're not. You need that those type of people in your corner.

Any parting words or shout outs for the people?

1st of thank you for the interview I'm truly honored to be the first. Big shouts to moms, the homie Polo Champ for the plug, my crew for holding me down 24/7 & whoever reads this interview! Your's Truly, Pizzle!

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