Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Remember when black women had class?

I woke up to this program this morning about the state of beauty of our black women. Overall, do you think the perception of black women in the media has destroyed (us)them overall? Think about it....and let me know what you think. Think about back in our parents day when the most beautiful women were Lena Horne, Diana Ross.....classy, yet beautiful, right? Now our women look up to....Nicki Minaj?

The program included Melyssa Ford, Angela Murray(editor of Essence Magazine)and Datwon Thomas(editor of King Magazine). Melyssa Ford, a former video vixen(who my husband adored in her day, lol)admitted that the current state of our black women is on a downward spiral due to the lack of education and the lack of confidence in themselves. I have to agree with her 100 percent. Women don't value themselves enough, so why should men? What do you think?