Friday, November 6, 2009

50 Cent Speaks on Possibly Signing Beanie Sigel

Even though on paper this would be a good look.... This aint 2003, and interscope doesn't care if Beans is a raw, relentless, talented artist if his track record shows he's never sold more than 800,000. I personally don't care about sales, but in this climate artists are getting one chance from labels to at least go gold or they get canned. I hate giving speeches but this is the perfect time to take the game back to its essence and STOP SIGNING TO MAJOR LABELS. Let them have the radio and keep your dignity, artistic integrity, and answer to your self. Drop albums when YOU want to , say what YOU want, and make money for YOU (and the indie label that distributes you album and doesn't dictate your moves) and thats not a just a message to beans, its one for any and every artist that isn't recording music specifically for the club or a phone. ok, my rant is over, see yall next post.