Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Beginning of the Jay-Z/Jaz-O Feud

Long story short for those who may not know: Jaz-O taught Jay how to formulate songs and vocal cadence. Jaz put Jay in his first two videos back in the late 80's/early 90's.. He also introduced Jay to Big Daddy Kane (who took him on tour) and took him to London to record Jaz's first album (Jay lyric- "back of Johnny album cover, red and blue gucci sh!t). When Rocafella started Jaz didn't want to sign a contract for so little money, but he did produce Jay's first hit "Ain't No Nigga" and sang the hook. He also let Jay use the intellectual property to The Originators (Nigga What, Nigga Who) which was first a Jaz record in the early 90's.. Leads to the Nas/Jay beef and Jaz stating that Nas' Ether won. Jay caught feelings and was set to be in Jaz's video for the song above and No showed which caused the rift.. Niggaz is petty
"No show at my video? You worthless homes"- Jaz-O